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Volume 5 is the 5th and final volume of the kashimashi manga.


After Hazumu sneezes in the rain, Yasuna makes her take a hot bath at her house so that she does not catch a cold. On the way home, while wearing Yasuna's clothes, Hazumu meets Tomari, Ayuki, and Asuta. Before Hazumu can explain, Tomari jumps to the conclusion that Hazumu took a bath with Yasuna. Hazumu asks Sora exactly when she will die, and he tells her that it will take a couple days to analyze the data. The day before the school's annual culture festival, Yasuna and Tomari separately tell Hazumu that they love her, and that night Hazumu cries alone on the school roof. On the festival's first day, Sora dictates a private report of his conclusions about the other characters, then tells Hazumu she will die at midnight after the festival ends. On the festival's last day, Hazumu tries to meet up with Yasuna and Tomari but cannot find them. She finds Asuta who, after a confrontation, tells her that he and the rest of their friends know about her impending death. Jan Pu tells Yasuna, Tomari, and Ayuki that Hazumu will die that night; Yasuna and Tomari search for Hazumu and find her on the roof. Sora realizes that his earlier analysis was wrong, and that Hazumu will die in mere moments. While Hazumu talks with Yasuna and Tomari, the fence behind her breaks and she falls off the roof. Yasuna and Tomari both rush to catch Hazumu, but only Tomari jumps off the roof after her. They both survive the fall because Sora interferes, transferring "life grains" from Tomari to Hazumu. In the infirmary Hazumu tells Tomari that she loves her and then kisses her. A month later, Hazumu and her friends listen to Yasuna play in the school's wind ensemble concert, and that night they attend Namiko's birthday party, which doubles as a Christmas party.


  • In the Bath Water
  • On the Eve of the Culture Festival
  • Report
  • The Last Day
  • Decision
  • Connected Hearts
  • Kashimashi
  • Special 5. Secretive Ayuki-chan