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Volume 4 is the 4th volume of Kashimashi manga.


Though depressed in private, Hazumu continues to smile around her friends, who she believes do not know that she will die in one month. Tomari is disturbed and unsure how to act around Hazumu. Yasuna plays her flute for Hazumu, and says she believes that Hazumu will attend her concert in December, more than a month from then. Tomari tries to stay brave, but breaks down when her track meet is delayed until December, and realizes that Hazumu is worrying about her. As a result, Tomari stays home from school for a few days. Hazumu uses money from her part-time job to buy farewell gifts for her loved ones; this upsets Tomari, and she knocks her gift out of Hazumu's hands. Tomari runs away and falls asleep in a nearby park, and when she awakens finds Hazumu asleep next to her; Tomari cries in her arms, not wanting her to die. When the friends go grape picking, they have trouble keeping up with Hazumu's energy. Two weeks left to live, Hazumu states that she fully accepts her fate. Hazumu is upset when she learns that Yasuna has been accepted by a music school in New York City. Yasuna tells Hazumu that she declined the offer to stay close to her, and Hazumu cries as she kisses Yasuna in the rain.


  • Beautiful
  • Concert
  • False Strength
  • Hazumu's Feelings
  • The Tortoise and the Hare
  • Let's Play!
  • The Two Sides of Farewell
  • Special 4. The Asuta Show!