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Volume 3 is the 3rd volume Kashimashi manga.


Hazumu and Tomari plan to visit the aquarium, but Hazumu forgets that she has to attend school that day to monitor a science experiment; Yasuna offers to take her place, enabling Hazumu to go. Hazumu and Tomari enjoy themselves until Sora tells Hazumu that Yasuna has collapsed; Hazumu and Tomari rush back to see Yasuna, who is grateful for their arrival. Near the end of summer vacation, Hazumu and her friends light fireworks at the river. Yasuna and Tomari become friendlier after agreeing to work together to be happy with Hazumu. When the new semester begins, Hazumu notices that Yasuna and Tomari are avoiding her. She sees them shopping for clothes after school and worries that they have excluded her because she is not a "real" girl, but later discovers her friends were planning a surprise birthday party for her, and is relieved that no one minds that she is a girl. Hazumu and her friends compete in the school's annual sports day. That night, Sora tells Hazumu that she will die in one month, as a side-effect of her revival. Sora also tells Hazumu's friends, and explains that someone close to Hazumu must donate "life grains" to sustain her life. Depressed by her impending death, Hazumu again climbs Mt. Kashima, where she resolves to live the rest of her life to the fullest.


  • The One I Love Is...
  • Because I Like You
  • Walls
  • Of People, Dreams, Fireworks, and Hopelessness
    • Omake 2. One Man's Daring Mission: Invade the Pajama Party!
  • Secrets
  • The Day of the Sports Festival
  • Cosmos
    • Omake 3. The First Story of Summer: The Night Before


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