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Volume 2 is the 2nd volume of Kashimashi manga.


Hazumu does not understand why Tomari avoids her for several days, but attempts to apologize to her. Hazumu recalls her childhood promise to Tomari to one day become her bride, and when Tomari also remembers, she is moved to tears and reconciles with Hazumu. Hazumu and her friends go to the beach, where Asuta tries to cope with his attraction to Hazumu, and Tomari tells Yasuna she is also in love with Hazumu. At school one night, Hazumu and her friends take a "test of courage", an event held in a scary environment to test the participants' bravery. Hazumu ends up hiding in the biology classroom, where she learns her friendAyuki Mari has an infatuation with someone but wants to only watch that person. After Hazumu harvests vegetables from the school's garden, Yasuna invites Hazumu and her friends over for curry, which she makes too spicy for everyone's tastes except her own. Hazumu and her friends attend the local summer festival, where Hazumu realizes how difficult it is for her to choose between Yasuna and Tomari. During the summer vacation, Yasuna invites her friends to spend a day a local aquarium, but only Hazumu accompanies her. The next day, Hazumu visits Tomari at her track and field club's training camp, where Tomari tells her that she will not lose to Yasuna.


  • Bride and Groom
  • A Trip to the Beach
  • I'll Just Watch...
  • The Princess of Curry Of Summer Festivals and Cotton Candy
  • A Little Storm
  • Tomari and..
  • Omake 2: Onee-nii sama Observation Diary