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The cover for volume 1 of the Kashimashi manga

Volume 1, consisting of seven chapters, of the Kashimashi manga.

Volume 1 Synopsis

Pressured to do so by his friends Tomari Kurusu and Asuta Soro, Hazumu Osaragi confesses his love to Yasuna Kamiizumi, who tearfully rejects him since she is interested only in girls. To console himself, Hazumu climbs nearby Mt. Kashima to visit the forest plants he loves, and an alien spacecraft crash-lands on him, killing him instantly. The alien brings life back to Hazumu but as an atomically correct female. After the alien broadcasts a world-wide apology for its action, an ill-mannered bevy of reporters attempt to interview Hazumu, and Tomari, as she has so many times in the past, steps in to protect Hazumu from them. Hazumu begins adjusting to life as a girl, but Tomari has trouble adjusting to the fact that Hazumu is not now a male. Hazumu is confused when Yasuna claims she loves her, now that she is female. The alien, Hitoshi Sora, along with an artificially intelligent gynoid named Jan Pu, begin living at Hazumu's house, where they are warmly welcomed by her parents. As Hazumu begins to progress in her feminine presentation, Tomari seems to regress with a 'leave me alone' attitude. Sora starts teaching biology at Hazumu's school so that he can observe human behavior. Through Sora's helpful hints, Hazumu discovers Yasuna's unique affliction of only being able to see males as hazy outlines. After telling Hazumu about her condition at school, Yasuna leaves Hazumu, but returns to the classroom to kiss her. They are seen kissing by Tomari, who is shocked by this.

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