Namiko Tsuki

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Name Namiko Tsuki
Kanji 月 並子


Age 35
Status Single Adult Female, middle class economically

Namiko's mother and father

Occupation English Teacher

Namiko Tsuki (月 並子Tsuki Namiko?) is an English teacher at Kashima high school, and is the homeroom teacher of Hazumu's class.


As she often proclaims, she has lived for thirty-five years and has never had a single boyfriend. This has enabled her to devote most of her time and energy into her students at school, but she is still lonely.


When Hitoshi starts to work as her coworker at school, she becomes instantly infatuated by him,and goes to extreme lengths to show her devotion and mania towards her precious Hitoshi Sora. On one occasion, Hitoshi asks Namiko to brave Hotakadake in order to retrieve a pennant from the mountain peak, which she accomplishes.Namiko's attraction towards Hitoshi borders on obsession as she hangs large pictures of him on her walls at her home, and constantly is thinking or dreaming about him. She continuously shouts loud expressions of her desire to have Hitoshi as her boyfriend and future husband, and even fantasizes about this coming true on multiple occasions. However, since Hitoshi's species cannot express emotions, the attraction is entirely one-sided.