Ayuki Mari


Name Ayuki Mari
Kanji 摩利 あゆき


Age 16
Status Aloof friend to Yasuna and Tomari / Socially Independent

Ayuki's mother and father

Occupation High School Student

Ayuki Mari (摩利 あゆきMari Ayuki?) is a student at Kashima high school and is a classmate of Hazumu's in their second year.


As a child, she used to love watching caterpillars leave their chrysalises and turn into butterflies. However, she never once thought that she herself would want to be in a similar position—changing into something else—so she merely just enjoyed watching the transformation before her. That by itself is enough for her, she recounts to Hazumu


sing this as a metaphor, Ayuki tries to explain to Hazumu that watching her loved one from afar is its own variety of love, though Ayuki never explicitly states just who she admires from a distance.Ayuki is good friends with Tomari, and Ayuki will often give her, and others, advice and help in regards to relationships.Keeping with her stance on watching from afar, Ayuki continuously observes the ongoing development of the love triangle between Hazumu, Yasuna, and Tomari. Ayuki is interested in the sciences, though most specifically, biological sciences. During Hitoshi Sora's first biology lesson at school, Ayuki commented that he leads a most intriguing class, referring to the genetically modified sunflowers he engineered which also turned out to be rather harmful. When Hitoshi tells Hazumu friends that she only has one month left to live, Ayuki reveals that she knew he was the space alien this entire time, due to his vast knowledge of science. Unlike her usual self which is calm and generally quiet, Ayuki gets very upset by this news, and pleads Hitoshi to do something to keep Hazumu alive since he once before brought her back from the dead, eventually leading to Ayuki starting to cry. Hitoshi corrects her that his species is not omnipotent and while his people may be more advanced technologically, they are still inferior as a race compared to humans of Earth.After Ayuki learns that Hitoshi will remain on Earth for the next one-hundred years, she expresses interest in becoming a human collaborator in his observations of love.


  • Ayuki resembles Yuki Nagato from the hit Haruhi Suzumiya series