Asuta Soro

Char 66396

Name Asuta Soro
Kanji 曽呂 明日太


Age 16
Status Best Friend of male Hazumu / Status uncertain with female Hazamu

Asuta's mother and father

Occupation High School Student

Asuta Soro (曽呂 明日太Soro Asuta?) is a student at Kashima high school and is a classmate of Hazumu's in their second year.


Asuta and Hazumu have known each other long enough to consider each other best friends, and Asuta is one of his friends that pressures him into confessing his love for Yasuna. Asuta is a good deal more masculine than Hazumu ever was, and thinking like a guy, he had planned that even if Yasuna did turn Hazumu down that he would be able to take Hazumu out into town and have fun, in effect helping him dull the pain of getting rejected.


After Hazumu's transformation into a girl, Asuta suddenly finds his good friend Hazumu very attractive, and cannot help himself when he starts thinking about Hazumu in a sexual way. During the time when Hazumu and her friends go to the beach, Asuta continuously tries to remind himself that even though Hazumu's body has changed, the person is still the same, and as her best friend, he should not be thinking about her in a sexual way. Hazumu remains oblivious to the fact throughout the series that Asuta has been often thinking about her in a sexual way. Asuta continues to have fantasies about having Hazumu as a girlfriend as well. Overtime, Asuta realizes that Hazumu and him gradually grow apart from each other, or are at least not as close as they once had been when Hazumu was a boy. He does find it excellent that his friend is now a very attractive girl, but only wants to continue being Hazumu's friend and nothing more, constantly beating himself up for having impure thoughts about Hazumu. In the last pages of the manga, he announces to the others that he has found a girlfriend, and shows them a photograph of her. They remark that she looks a lot like Hazumu.


  • Asuta is resembles Young Harima Kenji from Jin Kobayashi's School Rumble